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Private Jet Travel vs. Commercial Airlines

By the numbers

Comfy leather seats with plenty of legroom. Direct flights between destinations. All logistics handled. These are just a few upsides to traveling around the world on a TCS World Travel private jet trip.

Private jet travel offers globetrotters a host of advantages: comfort, style and direct access to the world’s most fabled destinations, like the Taj Mahal. It also reduces the hidden costs of international travel, like transit time and airport delays that cut into quality vacation time. 

It’s those factors that TCS World Travel experts considered when duplicating our flagship Around the World itinerary on commercial airlines. 

The goal? Figure out what commercial flights were needed to spend the same number of nights in each destination featured on this trip. This 24-day journey takes guests to iconic places like Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the Lost City of Petra and beyond—all by private jet.

Here’s how the numbers stack up:

24 Days vs. 34 Days

TCS Private Jet: The TCS World Travel classic around-the-world journey is a 24-day trip. Guests spend fewer days in transit, maximizing the time spent exploring each iconic destination.

Commercial Air: You’ll need 10 extra days to replicate the itinerary. The extra days result from more time spent in transit and waiting at airport, plus four forced overnight stops between flights. 

Travel Days
Travel Days

15 Flights vs. 26 Flights

TCS Private Jet: There will never be more than two flights between destinations on this itinerary. The TCS World Travel private jet flies direct to most destinations, with the exception of charter flights needed to reach Cusco and in the Serengeti. 

Commercial Air: Be prepared for 11 additional flights on commercial airlines, including six overnight flights and no direct connections. To get from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Agra, India, you’ll need to take two flights before embarking on a three-and-a-half-hour drive. 

Travel Flights
Travel Flights

73 Hours vs. 112 Hours Travel Time

TCS Private Jets: Flying direct cuts down on overall travel time, making for a more enjoyable in-flight experience. You can spend the time aboard our private jet enjoying a nice meal, listening to a lecture and recharging before you land.

Commercial Air: Overall travel time increases by about two days. This includes 39 hours of extra flying time, plus a three-and-a-half-hour drive each way between New Delhi and Agra—and that’s excluding time spent waiting at the airport or picking up baggage. 

Travel Time
Travel Time

9 Hours vs. 84 Hours in Airport Wait Times

TCS Private Jet: Traveling by private jet cuts down on time spent waiting at the airport between flights. Our total wait time includes brief transfers to four charter flights and one hour-long technical stop. 

Commercial Air: Expect to spend 74 additional hours—or more than three days—waiting at airports in between flights. This number doesn’t include early arrivals at the airport before embarking your first flight.

Travel Wait
Travel Wait

TCS World Travel handles all aspects of travel: visa application assistance, baggage handling, transfers to and from your hotel, and expedited security at airports where possible. 

Plus, if something should happen along the trip, there’s an entire company behind you to rework the itinerary and get you back on track. Hear what expedition leader Richard Butler has to say about the efficiencies of traveling around the world by private jet:

Richard Butler

Efficiency of Travel by Private Jet